24 November 2016

Starting Point Employment Law Guide: performance management in Guernsey

The aim of this Starting Point Guide is to raise management awareness of the issues surrounding performance, to ensure that managers are provided with practical and easily understood tools to be able to manage performance within their teams; and to provide an introduction to performance management for managers.

The key points addressed are:

  • What is performance management?
  • Why is performance management so important?
  • Setting the standards of work performance
  • Corrective action procedures
  • An example of a performance management procedure

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Carey Olsen Starting Point Guides are intended as a general introduction and guide to different aspects of Guernsey employment law. They are a summary of the most important issues that we come across. It is very much the edited highlights of those issues. If you would like legal advice in relation to any specific circumstances, please do give us a call.

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