06 June 2019

A guide to family office services in the Cayman Islands

We have deep understanding of the complexity surrounding the legal, business and personal aspects of running a family office in the Cayman Islands. Our lawyers advise on all aspects of the structures that are administered and we can also assist in the preparation of family constitutions and governance documentation, to encourage consensus and limit disputes about how wealth is managed in the longer term.

We also offer more general services in corporate and funds law, banking and finance, investment funds and private equity, trusts and private wealth, insolvency and general commercial disputes resolution, and real estate law in relation to the Cayman Islands. We regularly advise family offices on matters such as:

  • Family Office Structuring and Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Investment Funds
  • Aircraft and Yacht Registrations
  • Real Estate
  • Philanthropy
  • Relocation Services and Immigration
  • Trust Structuring and Estate Planning

For a full overview of our services, please download the attached guide to family office services in the Cayman Islands.

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