08 May 2015

Relocation, relocation, relocation?

We are often asked by prospective licenses about having a physical presence and operating their business from within the Bailiwick of Guernsey, of which Alderney is a part. Here we tackle some common queries.

Am I obliged to have a manned office within the Bailiwick?

While there is no obligation, and indeed some licensees often have a substantial presence elsewhere, we have noticed a recent trend for new licensees or existing operators to establish an office in Guernsey and base a number of their employees in the island.

What are the key advantages for companies that are based in the Bailiwick?

A significant advantage is the removal of doubt that the mind and control of the business is within the Bailiwick for tax or other purposes. This is particularly desirable for established businesses that base and operate their business here, yet also have a physical presence in other jurisdictions. Having an office in Guernsey demonstrates that key decisions are made here.

Businesses in Guernsey also benefit from a world-class telecoms and hosting infrastructure operated by teams with substantial experience in the field of eGaming.

An additional benefit is that Guernsey has significant experience within the i-gaming sector from an advisory perspective. Should a prospective licensee require legal, tax or marketing advice, there is the distinct advantage for having entities within the Bailiwick that understand the industry and can provide specialist advice. Such experience means that operators can appoint non-executive directors who will have extensive understanding of the sector, of new start-ups and of communicating with the regulator. There is also the added benefit of a great quality of life and beautiful surroundings.

How easy is it to set up?

Guernsey is an increasingly popular place to do business and, should companies not wish to relocate their own teams, there remains a first-rate pool of talent available as well as sophisticated commercial property.

Guernsey and Alderney are thriving hubs of online gaming and this is reflected in the popularity of islands as a place from which to operate. The transition for prospective licensees has been straightforward, particularly those experienced within the sector.

Our knowledge and efficiency has allowed some new start-ups to be ready to go live within a matter of months.

How accessible is Guernsey from the UK?

Guernsey benefits from regular air and sea links to the UK and mainland Europe. There are regular 40-minute flights between London Gatwick and Guernsey daily as well as flight to London City airport and Southampton. It is not uncommon for individuals to commute daily between Guernsey and the UK.

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