01 October 2016

Restoration of a British Virgin Islands company

The office of the Registrar of Corporate Affairs (the Registrar) in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has responsibility for the incorporation, striking off and restoration of companies to the Register of Companies (the Register).

There are two restoration processes in the BVI;

  • restoring a company that has been struck off the Register but not yet dissolved; and 
  • restoring a company that has been dissolved.

A company which has been struck off the Register but not yet dissolved can be restored to the Register by submitting an application, in the approved form, to the Registrar together with payment of all outstanding government fees, penalty payments and the restoration fee. Restoring a company that has been dissolved will require an application to be made to the Court.

Please download our briefing for an overview of:

  • administrative strike off
  • dissolution of a solvent BVI company
  • restoring a company struck off the register but not yet dissolved
  • restoring a dissolved company (not previously in voluntary liquidation)
  • restoring a company dissolved following voluntary liquidation
  • property of a dissolved company

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