12 January 2017

Carey Olsen eGaming team attends ICE London

Carey Olsen will be at ICE this year as a member of the Jersey eGaming Group.

Carey Olsen will be on the Jersey eGaming stand N8-249 along with Locate Jersey, Jersey Gambling Commission, and other members of Jersey eGaming: Garfield Bennett trust company, JT hosting and telecoms, Twelve40 lottery platform provider, Calligo cloud hosting and Think Gaming consultancy and investment services.
Spokesman for Carey Olsen and Jersey eGaming, Marcus Pallot, partner at Carey Olsen, said, "This year Jersey eGaming has increased its stand size to reflect the number of partners wishing to attend and it demonstrates Jersey's commitment to being a leading jurisdiction for eGaming companies to establish a presence.  We are delighted to have the support of our regulator and our government in taking our offering forwards".
Jersey eGaming, the group of companies which provide services to the eGaming sector in Jersey, Channel Islands, will be joined by Commissioners and the Chief Executive of its regulatory body, the Jersey Gambling Commission this year.
Furthermore, the stand is supported by Locate Jersey, the States of Jersey funded team that provides comprehensive advice and support to companies and high value residents looking to relocate to Jersey.  Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, said "Jersey has a world renowned strong legal and regulatory framework.  We also have all the infrastructure necessary and a highly competitive licensing regime in place to make Jersey a very attractive destination for eGaming businesses. We are pleased to welcome in new eGaming businesses who meet our high regulatory and compliance standards."
Jersey has significant advantages over other jurisdictions and is confident that it has greater appeal.
Jersey has a single B-2-C licence (£15,000) and/or a single B-2-B licence (£10,000) designed to capture all commercial gambling activity and which permits ancillary business.
Jersey does not require staff or specific services to be located on Island, with the exception of some data hosting and a locally incorporated company to hold the licence, and the government through Locate Jersey will provide assistance to operators wishing to establish part of their operations on Island.
Jersey’s tax-neutral environment provides financial certainty as there is:
No Gaming Duty
No Capital Transfer Tax
No Capital Gains Tax
No Value Added Tax (VAT)
No Withholding Taxes
No Stamp duty on trading company share transfers
No Wealth Taxes.
As a base for business, Jersey has a reputation that is second to none.