01 February 2019

Carey Olsen lends support to Vauvert Primary's Dragons' Den

Carey Olsen Guernsey partner Christopher Anderson was one of seven investors casting a critical eye over products at the Vauvert Primary School's annual Dragons' Den competition.

Nine teams of Year 6 pupils had been developing their products for weeks with the hope of impressing the investors from seven local companies in order to get investment and to be able to make their items in bulk and sell at the school's spring disco. Any money raised from the sale of the items will then go towards funding some of the costs for a Year 6 trip to Jersey.

It was the third time Vauvert had held the Dragons’ Den event, previously raising more than £4,000 from sales of the items. Christopher has been a 'dragon' at all three events.

"The event is a fantastic idea and I'm pleased to have been involved again this year on behalf of Carey Olsen. The children who take part are absolutely fantastic and they are learning some really valuable skills, not only the ability to present to a panel of inquisitive adults but also in designing their products and learning how to manage their finances to make their products and business as profitable as possible," said Christopher.

The panel was asked to invest between £25 and £60 to allow the teams to buy the stock to make more of the product, but investors could give more if they particularly liked the idea.

Speaking to the Guernsey Press, deputy head Mary Robertshaw said the event was all to do with Guernsey's Big Picture Curriculum.

"Interacting with the people of the world of work is a big part of the Bailiwick curriculum. There are a lot of skills that they learn here. It is quite a nerve-racking thing for a 10-year-old to do, to come in here in front of the panel, but they seem to rise to it. Once they are out of the room they are so excited and proud of themselves, but then the hard work starts and they need to start making the product."