09 March 2022

Statement on Russia and Ukraine

Carey Olsen condemns the shocking events taking place in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding, and our thoughts are with all of the Ukrainian people and others impacted by this unlawful action.

Carey Olsen strongly believes in the obligation of all nations to act within an international legal framework that respects human rights, and we condemn the Russian government's actions. We fully support the economic sanctions that the international community has put in place and their implementation in the jurisdictions that we operate in. 

We are undertaking a careful and thorough review of any matters that may have a Russian or Belarusian nexus to determine whether it remains appropriate for the firm to continue to act and, where necessary, we are terminating mandates in accordance with our professional obligations. We will not act for or promote the interests of the Russian regime, organs of the Russian state, or known supporters of the current Russian leadership. 

We have set up a charitable donations page to enable our partners and employees to donate to the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. Every pound or dollar pledged will be matched by the Carey Olsen partnership which is also undertaking pro-bono work to assist those looking to relieve the suffering of those impacted by this tragedy.

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