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Yang Yang 杨旸

Senior Associate 高级律师

Yang is a senior associate in the Dispute Resolution & Insolvency team in Hong Kong and advises on Bermuda and British Virgin Islands law.

Yang’s expertise covers the full spectrum of offshore litigation and related advisory work, including shareholder disputes, fund and investment disputes, winding up proceedings, enforcement of arbitral awards, injunction and freezing orders. Yang regularly advises on the legal aspects of corporate restructuring and finance and refinance transactions.

Yang is particularly experienced in dealing with complex and multijurisdictional litigation and cross-border insolvency and restructuring.


Yang worked in the HFW's Melbourne office where he qualified as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Prior to Melbourne, Yang worked for Ince & Co in its Shanghai and London offices qualifying in both China and in England and Wales. 

Yang was admitted to practise BVI law after he joined Carey Olsen in 2017 and is enrolled as a registered associate in Bermuda.

Yang is fluent in English and a native Mandarin and Shanghainese speaker.


杨旸的专业知识涵盖各类离岸诉讼及相关咨询工作,包括股东纠纷、基金和投资纠纷、清盘程序、仲裁裁决和法院判决的执行、禁令和冻结令。 杨旸经常就公司重组、融资和再融资交易的法律方面提供建议。


在加入Carey Olsen之前,杨旸在HFW的墨尔本办公室工作。在那里他获得了维多利亚州最高法院的律师资格。在墨尔本之前,杨旸在Ince & Co的上海和伦敦办事处工作,并在中国和英格兰和威尔士都取得了律师资格。

杨旸在2017年加入Carey Olsen后获得英属维尔京群岛执业律师资格。


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