27 November 2019

The double-edged sword of beneficiary consultation

Trustees are routinely faced with difficult situations that require carefully crafted solutions. Often, the process of identifying solutions can itself raise further issues or important consequences for beneficiaries of the trust. But to what extent should beneficiaries of trusts be able to weave their way into the issue-resolution and decision-making processes, and just how far (and for how long) should the trustee remain engaged in that process?

In a recent article for Trusts & Trustees, Carey Olsen partner Bernadette Carey and counsel Chris Duncan considered how recent decisions of the Cayman Islands courts offer some helpful guidance in this regard.


The full article is available to read in Trusts & Trustees - the leading international journal on trust law and practice, and the official journal of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law (available via the Oxford Academic website).


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