Bermuda is a highly respected and successful international finance centre that is recognised across the world for its standards of compliance, regulation, transparency and infrastructure. 

The jurisdiction was ranked at the top of the Global Financial Centres Index (September 2017) and is globally renowned for its insurance expertise. Bermuda reinsurers make up more than a third of the global reinsurance market based on property/casualty net premiums earned, while the Island is also home to the world's biggest captive insurance market and the largest global share of insurance-linked securities listings.

In addition, Bermuda is a thriving centre for funds, private clients, family offices, shipping, aviation and start-up ventures.

Located 650 miles from the east coast of the United States, Bermuda's favourable Atlantic time zone makes it an ideal location for companies serving global markets.

The jurisdiction enjoys political and economic stability and boasts a legal system that marked its 400th anniversary in 2016. The Island's legal system is based on English common law principles, with recourse to the UK Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Statistics about Bermuda

No. 1

the world's leading domicile for insurance-linked securities (ILS)


companies listed on HKEX are domiciled in Bermuda


of the world's top 40 international insurers and reinsurers are Bermuda-based

No. 1

the largest captive insurance centre generating close to US$55bn in annual gross premiums

Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited
2nd Floor
Atlantic House
11 Par-la-Ville Road
Hamilton, HM11

Carey Olsen Bermuda

Carey Olsen Bermuda was established in 2017 by managing partner and highly-regarded Bermudian attorney Michael Hanson. The team has a deep local knowledge of Bermuda law and regulation coupled with a global perspective.

Carey Olsen Bermuda's lawyers work alongside major international law firms and their clients include a number of the largest Bermuda-based global insurance and reinsurance businesses, as well as other global financial institutions with offices in the jurisdiction such as banks, trust companies, accountancy firms and hedge funds.

Carey Olsen Bermuda will grow to develop a full-service offering and supports Carey Olsen's continued expansion into Asia to ensure clients have access to the commercial excellence and outstanding levels of service they  have grown accustomed to in Carey Olsen's other jurisdictions.

Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Bermuda and approved and recognised under the Bermuda Bar (Professional Companies) Rules 2009. The use of the title "Partner" is merely to denote seniority. Services are provided on the basis of our current terms of business.



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