19 June 2021

Guernsey foundations - an update

The Guernsey foundation has proven to be a unique, highly adaptable and flexible vehicle, and a number of extremely high value and innovative Guernsey foundations have been established to date. The ‘Private Trust Foundation’ is an attractive alternative to the classic private trust company structure; and Guernsey foundations are growing in popularity as vehicles for the structuring of international philanthropic giving.

Here, Carey Olsen Guernsey's Natasha Kapp and Laila Arstall explore Guernsey foundations, what they are used for, and why there is an increasing trend in the migration of foundations to Guernsey from other jurisdictions. 


The full article is available to read in Trusts & Trustees - the leading international journal on trust law and practice, and the official journal of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law (available via the Oxford Academic website).

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