Created Date:
15 September 2023

Starting Point Employment Law Guide: Starting a business in Jersey

Carey Olsen Starting Point Guides are intended as a general introduction and guide to different aspects of Jersey employment law. They are a summary of the most important issues that we come across and very much an edited highlights of these. If you would like legal advice in relation to any specific circumstances, please do give us a call.

 This Starting Point Guide addresses the fundamentals of starting a business in Jersey. The key issues reviewed in this guide include:

  • Forming a company in Jersey
  • Taxes in Jersey
  • Business licensing in Jersey
  • Employing people in Jersey
  • Intellectual property in Jersey
  • Securing commercial premises in Jersey


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Please note that this briefing is only intended to provide a very general overview of the matters to which it relates. It is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied on as such. © Carey Olsen Jersey LLP 2023.