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Yan Chng 庄引

Associate 律师

Yan Chng is an associate in our litigation, insolvency and restructuring practice in Singapore.

She has experience advising and acting for listed corporations, individuals, directors, shareholders and liquidators in complex commercial litigation and arbitration proceedings, involving breach of fiduciary duties, misappropriation, conspiracy, trust disputes, minority oppression and unfair preference claims.


Prior to joining Carey Olsen, Yan was a senior associate at a leading Singapore law firm where she represented clients on a wide array of commercial disputes, with emphasis on insolvency litigation, shareholders disputes and general commercial disputes. She also regularly advised financial institutions and multinational corporations on regulatory, debt enforcement and employment matters. 

Yan was admitted as an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2016. 

Yan Chng是我们新加坡办公室诉讼、破产和重组业务团队的律师。她为上市公司、个人、董事、股东和清算人在复杂的商业诉讼和仲裁程序中提供法律意见和服务,包括违反受信义务、侵占、共谋、信托纠纷、少数股东压迫和不公平优惠主张。

在加入Carey Olsen之前,Yan是一家新加坡领先律师事务所的高级律师,在该律所代表客户处理各种商业纠纷,包括破产诉讼、股东纠纷和一般商业纠纷。她也时常为金融机构和跨国公司提供有关合规、债务执行和劳动事宜的法律建议。


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