The International Stock Exchange

Carey Olsen is the leading listing agent and sponsor for The International Stock Exchange.

The International Stock Exchange (TISE) provides listings for a range of securities including funds and investment vehicles, REITs, Eurobonds, high yield bonds, debt instruments and shares and other forms of securities and warrants.

TISE brings the expertise available in the Channel Islands to the growing number of international businesses requiring first class offshore financial services within the European time zone while remaining outside the EU. 

Carey Olsen Corporate Finance Limited (Carey Olsen) undertakes listing services on behalf of the Carey Olsen group for TISE listings, and is consistently ranked as the leading TISE listing agent. 

We acted as listing agent for over 45% of all debt listings over 2022, our leading market share reflects the depth of knowledge and experience of the team.

We also completed more high yield listings than any other listing agent, acting in connection with nearly 70% of all high yield bonds issued on TISE in 2022.

Carey Olsen has an excellent working relationship with TISE and is actively involved with the TISE rules committee working on revisions to TISE listing rules.

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