Intellectual Property

Carey Olsen recognises that an idea, a brand, a concept or an image can give you that competitive edge.

Protecting that edge is vital so having a strong intellectual property (IP) strategy is key. We work with you to help you to develop and protect your innovations.

Clients come to us for advice on a full range of IP issues, including registration, licensing, monetisation and enforcement of IP rights. The rights we cover include copyright protection, trade marks, design rights, patents and image rights, together with confidential information and trade secrets.

We also help our clients with structuring their IP rights, and all aspects of IP arising in the course of corporate acquisitions and disposals, e-commerce and trusts. And if your IP rights are breached, we are here to help you enforce them through arbitration, mediation and litigation.

We have strong links to policy makers and regulators, making us uniquely positioned to guide you through the challenges and opportunities offered by your IP creations.

Additional services:

  • Registration and maintenance of IP rights
  • Advising start-ups
  • Funding or proposed acquisition advice
  • Infringement of a protected right 

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