09 August 2017

A guide to Guernsey property

Carey Olsen’s guide to property will help you answer some of the frequently asked questions about property law and process on the island.

About this guide

It includes advice on both residential and commercial property and outlines the major decisions you will face, whether you are buying or selling, leasing or renting, developing, maintaining or even demolishing property in Guernsey.

Guernsey’s laws are now increasingly being shaped by international legislation and in the context of the approaches taken by other commonwealth jurisdictions. However, there are certain areas where customary Norman French law either still applies or still exerts a strong influence. Nowhere is this influence felt more strongly than in relation to land ownership and property law where many legal phrases and some documents are still in French.

As well as giving you an overview of Carey Olsen's property team and services, this guide also covers the following topics:

  • a definition of property in Guernsey
  • population control and an overview of who can reside in Guernsey
  • the process of buying a property in Guernsey
  • the local planning process and legislation in relation to building and renovating property on the island
  • taxation on property
  • inheritance of property

We advise that you take legal and financial advice before you proceed with any property transaction or planning application. Along with any professional agents and financial advisers, our property team will endeavour to make the process run as smoothly as possible and provide you with the most comprehensive advice and the best possible service.


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