01 July 2020

A Guide to Funds and Private Equity in Jersey

Jersey is one of the world’s major international finance centres. Its successful combination of stability and reliability combined with tax neutrality has kept Jersey at the forefront of global finance for almost half a century. During this time Jersey has gained a strong reputation as a prime location in which to establish investment funds.

The industry has developed within the Island’s stable political and fiscal infrastructure. Government determination to encourage high quality business to the Island, and the support offered by the sophisticated and comprehensive infrastructure of laws and regulations, combine to promote investor confidence.

The wealth of experience and expertise offered by the Island’s highly skilled financial service providers gives an unparalleled welcome to businesses and investors alike and Jersey enjoys ease of access to the major UK investor market. Although a number of Jersey’s service providers have particular experience with private equity, real estate and funds of funds, Jersey has a growing reputation for more emerging asset classes.

With a business day that begins before Tokyo closes and continues well into New York trading time and a close proximity to Europe whilst retaining independence from the European Union, Jersey offers both location and time zone benefits. Jersey offers seasoned and proven service providers across a variety of disciplines so substance/management of entities can be demonstrated “on the ground” (e.g. administration, accounting, banking and custody providers).

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